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Al-Jaafari: Turkish army’s covering of terrorists operations in Kasab is dangerous escalation

20140327-100606_h535554Syria’s Permanent Representative to UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said Turkish army is covering the terrorist operations of the armed groups in Kasab area in the coastal province of Lattakia, pointing out Syrian government has sent several letters to the United Nations on the dangerous violations exercised by Israel in the disengagement zone (the UNDOF zone) and its surroundings.
Al-Jaafari added in a press conference he held at UN HQ that Turkey from the north protects and covers acts of armed terrorist groups that have come from its territories and attacked Kasab area on the Syrian-Turkish borders, clarifying that the Turkish army is still covering the operations of these terrorist groups in Kassab.
The senior diplomat said this practical armed participation comes overtly and for the first time by the Turkish army and it represents a dangerous escalation and a violation of the sovereignty of a UN member state, it also indicates ccollusion and alliance among Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
“During past few days, UN Secretary-General and the President and members of Security Council (UNSC) have been alerted by sending seven official letters to the UNSC on the dangerous violations committed by Turkey in the north of Syria, while Israel have exercised terrorism against Syrian civilians and Syrian Arab Army in the disengagement zone and its surroundings through facilitating the free movement of the armed terrorist groups in those areas, in addition to Israeli bombarding the Syrian sites in Golan with its warplanes, artillery and tanks, al-Jaafari said.
Answering a question on the danger of the aremd terrorist groups operations in Lattakia Countryside regarding the process of transferring chemical materials, al-Jaafari clarified that he phoned Saturday senior officials at UN General Assembly on that and met with UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson twice Monday and Tuesday regarding that issue.
He highlighted the gravity of any possible attack by armed terrorist groups on convoys transferring the chemical materials to Lattakia and the danger of committing a terrorist attack with chemicals once again and attributing it to the Syrian government.
He pointed out that he asked Eliasson to brief UNSC members, the Secretary-General, the Coordinator of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)-UN joint Mission in Syria Sigrid Kaag and the United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane on this issue.
Syria called Wednesday upon the UN Secretary-General and Chairman of the UN Security Council in two identical letters to take all measures required to condemn the Turkish involvement in supporting the armed terrorist groups which attacked Kasab district from Liwa Iskenderun and to compel the Turkish government to stop its aggression.

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