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Al-Jaafari: Time has come for the UN to punish the terrorist coalition that seeks to destroy Syria


Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said Tuesday time has come for the UN to move and punish the terrorist coalition of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel which seeks to destroy Syria through using terrorism, shedding the blood of the Syrians and kill the Palestinian cause in order to achieve the so-called project of “judaizing Israel.”
Al-Jaafari said at a Security council session the Middle East that the Syrian government stresses its firm stances in support of the right of the Palestinian people in self-determination and in establishing their independent country with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, with ensuring the right of the Palestinians to return Home.
“We urge the UN and its Security Council to shoulder their responsibilities and put an end to Israel’s occupation and its barbaric policies and continuous aggressions in addition to committing Israel to withdraw from the occupied Arab lands to the line of June 4th 1967, in accordance with the UN relevant resolutions,” al-Jaafari said.
He highlighted that the very same countries which support terrorism in Syrian are seeking to protect Israel and protecting it from the consequences of its crimes before pretending that it is fighting terrorism.

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