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African Americans ‘expendable’ to US elite: Analyst



The racist white elite in the US view African Americans as “expendable” people, which is why law enforcement agencies easily avoid punishment for their crimes against blacks and other racial minorities, says an analyst in Washington.

Dr. Randy Short, a historian and researcher, made the comments while discussing the recent demonstrations against police brutality in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thousands of enraged African Americans flooded the streets of the city on Wednesday to denounce the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was killed on Tuesday night.

At least 9 protesters were injured and 44 arrested as the demonstrations continued on Thursday. This is while one of the protesters had died of gunshot wounds a day earlier.

“Whether they [police] pulled the trigger or not, the people would not have been down there protesting had this man [Scott] not been shot, and brutally so, in his car,” Short told Press TV on Thursday.

Short said police in Charlotte has a history of carrying out “executions” of African Americans that do not get media coverage at all.

“Quite a few of these sorts of things have happened and therefore, the police have created a climate of distrust, fear and hatred,” the researcher argued.

He said the “high degree of fascism” that has plagued the American lifestyle shows that “the United States is a failed human rights state in terms of how it treats people.”

This is President Barack Obama’s legacy, Short noted, while pointing to America’s mistreatment of people inside and outside of its borders.

“We have an American empire—a demon – that drinks the blood, right now, of non-white people,” the analyst stated.

What happened in Charlotte was completely preventable if mechanisms were put in place to avoid excessive use of force by police, Short continued.

“The police are responsible for using excessive force, racial profiling, in as much as it is not the police who are ultimately responsible; it is the elite, the corrupt and racist elite, who feel that blacks are expendable and do not deserve a white’s human rights,” he concluded.

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