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Afghanistan calls for continuation of power supply from Iran


Governor of Herat, the third biggest province of Afghanistan, called for the continuation of electricity supply from Iran.

Mohammad Asif Rahimi in a meeting with Iranian Consul General Mahmoud Afkhami-Arshadi appreciated Iran’s assistance in supplying electricity to Herat and called for the continuation of power import from Iran.

Iran and Afghanistan have signed power purchase agreement, but in the past few days some technical issues had caused frequent blackouts.

The officials of an industrial park in Herat said the previous day that the power supply has been restored.

Despite an electricity purchase agreement with Turkmenistan, most of Herat’s power needs are met by Iran.

In the meeting, the Iranian and Afghan sides also discussed other issues such as the progress of Herat-Khaf railway project, easing Iran’s visa rules for Afghan citizens, boosting economic cooperation as well as expanding the fields of activity of the joint economic committee .

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