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Acting Iran FM Urges D-8 to Cut Israeli Regime Lifelines, Sever Ties

Addressing the extraordinary ministerial meeting of the D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation in Istanbul, Bagheri slammed the inaction of the international community in the face of the eight months of the unprecedented genocidal crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, warning the current situation in the Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza has put the region on threshold of another humanitarian catastrophe. Bagheri said consolidation of Muslim countries can block the continuation of these “genocide and war crimes.” He said cutting off political and economic ties with the Zionist regime, as well as putting it under oil and goods embargos would be effective measures in the face of the Israeli crimes including the mass killing of Palestinians and widespread destruction campaign in the Gaza Strip. Setting up D-8 support programs regarding Palestine, creation of a fund aimed at reconstructing Gaza, and the formation of a D-8 contact group with coordination with the OIC that would follow up on measures to halt the Gaza war and sending humanitarian aid to the region were among other proposals made by Bagheri. He also urged the D-8 organization to contribute to recognizing the Israeli army as a terrorist entity given the widespread genocide, war crimes and the clear breaches of human rights and international humanitarian rights in Gaza.

The acting Iranian foreign minister underlined the importance of holding comprehensive inter-Palestinian talks aimed at forging national unity and running Palestinian territories during post-war era and after holding elections. He also proposed a legal committee be formed by the D-8 organization so as to pursue Palestinians’ rights in the international legal campaigns including in the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

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