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Absence of Zionism brings about violence-free world



Defense Minister Dehghan said the fake Zionist regime and its main supporter, the US, were sole causes of all troubles, violence and insecurity in the whole world.

Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan made the remarks on the eve of Quds Day as well as martyrdom of Iran’s ex-defense minister Dr. Mostafa Chamran.

“A world free of violence and extremism is parallel to a world free from the Zionist regime, a motto which will be broadcasted by the Islamic world on Quds Day,” stressed the official adding “today, roots of troubles, violence and insecurities in the Muslim world, as well as the whole world, can be traced in the fake and brutal Zionist regime and the US as its main sponsor.”

He described the International Day of Quds as one of the most significant endowments of Imam Khomeini for victory of the oppressed people of Palestine over the Zionist regime and liberation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif; “on this historic day, Muslims and freedom seekers of the world condemn violence, extremism, assassination, occupation and brutality with the ‘down with Israel’ slogan.

Iran’s defense minister said the revolutionary and vigorous Iranian nation will again have massive participation at the Quds Day march and, along with the oppressed Palestinian people, will give a decisive response to threats of global terrorism led by the US and the Zionist regime.

Later into his remarks, Dehghan commemorated memory of the martyred defense minister Dr. Mostafa Chamran stating “the honorable martyr made presence in Lebanon and Palestine at the frontline of the struggle against the Zionist regime and had not dream but liberation of Al-Quds al-Sharif and the liberation of Palestine.”

He said Chamran’s message was to maintain independence, dignity and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the domination system; “today, the Islamic Iran acts as an independent and effective force in regional and global equations only because of vigilance of its prudent Leader and sacrifice of sacrilegious martyrs like Mostafa Chamran.

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