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7,000 Syrians Return Home in Daraa Countryside

Thousands of citizens returned to their homes in al-Naima town in the eastern countryside of Daraa after it was liberated by the Syrian army and its allies.

Some 7,000 Syrians returned to their homes in al-Naima town, 4 km east of Daraa city, after Syrian troops cleansed it of Takfiri terrorists, SANA news agency reported.

On July 6, the Syrian army established full control over the town of al-Naima on the eastern outskirts of Daraa city after rooting out the last hotbeds of terrorist groups there.

On July 12, the army raised the national flag over the southern city of Daraa as a major counter-terrorism operation neared an end with foreign-backed militants leaving the region in negotiated surrender deals.

Daraa city was the birthplace of the sedition that began in March 2011 before morphing into a foreign-backed militancy that continues to this day.

Since June 19, the Syrian army has been conducting the operation in Daraa, which borders Jordan and the Israeli-occupied side of Syria’s Golan Heights.

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