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45 Terrorists Killed or Captured by Iraqi Army in Syrian Territory


Five ISIL commanders, including an aid to the terrorist group’s ring Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have been arrested and forty more were killed in the Iraqi army operations along the border in Eastern Syria, an official source said in a statement on Saturday.

Iraq’s Security Media Center reported that five senior ISIL commanders that once participated in occupation operation of the town of Mosul and other regions in al-Anbar province have been arrested in the Iraqi troops’ operation on Syria’s soil near the border with Iraq.

The center further said that the Iraqi forces captured Ferat Velayat (province) security Commander Saddam Omar Yahya al-Jamal nom de guerre Abu Roqiyeh al-Ansari, al-Mayadeen emir (commander) Mohammad Hossen Hazar nom de guerre Abu Seif al-Sha’eiti, Osam Abdul Qadir Ashour al-Zobei nom de guerre Abu Abdul Haq Araghi, Intelligence Commander in Ferat Velayat and Commander in al-Mayadeen region Omar Shahab Hamad al-Karbouli and Ismayeel Alwan Salman nom de guerre Abu Zeid Araghi, an aide to al-Baghdadi in an operation in Syria.

The center further said that the Iraqi forces interrogated the ISIL commanders and discovered the venue a meeting of ISIL commanders.

The Iraqi Air Force later pounded the meeting, killing nearly 40 terrorist commanders.

ISIL’s War Council Commander Omar Abd Hamed al-Fahdawi nom de guerre Abu Tarif al-Fahdawi, Chief of the Levant’s governors Abu Walid al-Sinawi, Security Commander of the Levant Abu Islam al-Kurdi and Military Commander of Ferat Velayat Ahmad Yahya Zeidan nom de guerre Abu Hassan al-Askari were among the terrorist commanders killed in the Iraqi air raid.

Massdar news reported on Friday that the Iraqi Armed Forces captured one of the top commanders of the ISIL terrorist group after he and his personnel attempted to cross the border from Iraq to Syria.

According to Iraqi sources, the Iraqi intelligence forces seized ISIL Commander Saddam Al-Jamal, and four other commanders after they set a trap near the border-crossing the terrorist group were using to cross back-and-forth from Syria to Iraq.

Jamal was the governor of the ISIL’s Euphrates province and considered one of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s most trusted commanders.

High ranking ISIL Commander Abu Saif Al-Shaiti also was arrested alongside Jamal, the news website said, adding that he was also believed to be a trusted advisor to Baghdadi.

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