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37th International Islamic Unity Conference starts in Tehran

The opening ceremony of the 3-day conference was held in the presence of Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi on Sunday morning. The president will address the conference.

The purpose of the International Islamic Unity Conference is to create unity and solidarity among Muslims, develop consensus among scholars and scientists to approximate their scientific and cultural viewpoints, and present practical solutions in order to reach Islamic Unity and Unified Islamic Ummah in the Islamic World and solving the problems of Muslims and presenting solutions for them.

Conference guests are chosen from among the elites and educated figures, the ministers of Muslim countries, scholars and muftis, university professors, and other academic and cultural communities inside and outside the country. Hundreds of thinkers, scholars, and reformers from around the world and thousands of Shia and Sunni scholars from different parts of Iran have participated in the conference and presented their lectures and comments. Also, Islamic thinkers from many different countries such as France, Syria, Lebanon, Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, Sudan, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan, the UK, Jordan, Iraq, Indonesia, Gambia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Senegal, Libya, Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, Greece, Turkey, Uganda, Kuwait, Qatar, the Netherlands, the United Arabic Emirates etc. have participated in the International Islamic Unity Conferences.

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