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War on Syria: Israeli-ISIL Allies Boosting Cooperation

On Sunday, January 18, an Israeli military helicopter fired missiles into Quneitra, close to the line separating the Syrian part of the Golan Heights from the Israeli-occupied sector.
According to a statement released by Hezbollah, Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of slain Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh, and five other fighters lost their lives. According to Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corp, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Allahabadi, who was providing consultation to Syrian authorities in their fight against terrorists, was also killed in the aerial assault.

So is this yet another attempt by Tel Aviv to change the balance of war in favor of the Takfiri militants fighting against Syria and Hezbollah? Does this mean that Israel and ISIL are now allies? For those who cannot wait, the answer is yes:

The new assault speaks volumes about the sorry state of security affairs in the Middle East that has come as a direct consequence of the day-to-day workings of the American-led terrorism, invasion and occupation.

Four years into an unjustified war replete with so-called turning points hailed as “democratic changes” that would finally decapitate the regime in Damascus have only exacerbated the situation through yet more terror and carnage for millions of civilians and refugees. Obviously, the foreign-backed terrorist groups and “moderate” rebels – now ISIL-Israeli allies – are not there to improve living conditions.

The Syrian government and political opposition groups might be trying to sort out their differences in Moscow for a ceasefire. Yet the recent attack suggests the United States, Israel and their allies are not in the mood to stop backing their terrorist goons as this goes against their colonial agenda. Led to believe that they are welcomed as “liberators”, they have no idea what terrorism is really like from the perspective of civilians who endure it.

These war criminals still dream of settling into Syria for the long haul, dominating the Middle East in geopolitical terms, and ensuring that no nation or bloc of nations would ever again challenge their hegemony. For that reason and no other, consecutive US administrations have always had a permanent occupation strategy, but never an exit strategy. From the beginning, they planned to hunker down in a series of permanent bases and “Green Zones”, and these have since been built right in the middle of war zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria.

Under international law, the occupying force has a duty to institute security. But they refuse to do so simply because they can’t or are unwilling. Unable to “break the back” of ISIL, they even allege Iran is putting obstacles in the way of their so-called anti-ISIL coalition efforts.

Security in Iraq and Syria could only occur when they stop supporting terrorism, since their illegal war of deceit and occupation only aggravates the current situation in a region where hatred of America and Israel is so rampant.

This while their criminal mindset has the blessing of submissive international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council, which are fuming because North Korea allegedly launched cyber attacks against Hollywood, yet continue to remain apathetic towards Israel’s state terrorism and occupation!

The recent aerial assault on Syria is condemnable under international law and the UN Charter. The world body must condemn the attack and stop it from happening again. It could easily morph into yet another wide-scale conflict in the Middle East.

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