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US election system is broken, corrupt: Ex-US Senate candidate



The US political system is “broken” and full of corruption due to the devastating influence of the Zionist lobby and arms industry, as well as the corporate-controlled media, a former US Senate candidate says.

“Our political system is broken, our elections process is broken; the absolute corruption of the way in which these elections are financed is absolutely beyond belief,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

The two major US political parties have excluded many people from their own ranks who are against American military interventions and globalist trade treaties that are eroding the country’s manufacturing base, Dankof told Press TV on Tuesday.

Dankof agreed with US Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein that Washington must adopt a new voting system so that Americans would not have to choose between voting their conscience or the lesser of two evils.

“Jill Stein is absolutely right; when it comes to how these elections are financed, when it comes to who is financing these elections, when it comes to corporate control of news media, largely Jewish corporate-controlled news media…and when it comes to ballot access laws in all of the different states, it’s very, very clear that when you add all of that to the way in which these elections are being bought and paid for…that this country is in very, very serious trouble,” Dankof argued.

In an interview with Reason, a US monthly magazine, Stein said the two major-party presidential candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democratic Hillary Clinton, are “both dangerous and unacceptable.”

“It’s outrageous that people should be struggling right now with this questions of, ‘Do I prefer a fascist or a warmonger?’” Stein said.

“We have every reason to be terrified of Donald Trump in the White House, but I don’t think we should fool ourselves into thinking that we should sleep well at night with Hillary Clinton in the White House either,” Stein said.

Stein is currently polling at about 2 percent, trailing Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson, who is on course to take about 5 percent of the popular vote.

US third parties, which include the Greens and Libertarians, are political parties other than the Republican and Democratic parties.

Third party candidates face major challenges in the United States, such as the failure to meet the criteria for ballot access. Due to debate access rules, they are often excluded from participating in presidential debates.

The 2016 presidential race features two of the most disliked candidates in electoral history, multiple surveys have found.

According to the final pre-election New York Times/CBS News Poll, the majority of voters say Trump is not qualified to be president and that he lacks the temperament to serve in the White House, while most voters believe Clinton is untrustworthy and dishonest.

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