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Truth of Flita Military Encounter between Syrian Army and Nusra Terrorists

Besieged by the Syrian army units and the tough climate conditions on Qalamoun’s barrens, Nusra terrorists have been trying to resort to safe havens by launching military attacks in the area.

Nusra terrorists launched yesterday at dawn an attack against two army sites which lie western Flita.

Despite the foggy conditions, the Syrian army was not surprised by the attack, yet it fiercely clashed with the terrorists for hours, killing and injuring dozens of them.

The terrorists failed to achieve any battlefield progress and returned to their strongholds.

In response, the Syrian warplanes targeted the militant gatherings in Kherbet Mira and Mertbaya crossing which lie in Flita’s vicinity inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Nusra Front and other terrorist groups announced that they controlled army’s sites in Flita; however, they withdrew their announcement after it was refuted.

Source: Al Manar TV

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