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Timetable set to rehabilitate damaged houses in old city of Homs, Governor says

20140609-210716_h549404Governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi called for setting a timetable to provide requirements for rehabilitating the damaged houses in the old city of Homs and making all procedures that ensure the return of the displaced people.

Meeting the Relief Subcommittee and UN offices operating in Homs, the governor pointed out the importance of organizing specialized crews to offer help in the field of evaluating damage and risks of the houses which are about to collapse.

He noted the necessity of securing all basic services to these neighborhoods and delivering relief aid to the people in need.

Homs Governor stresses importance of FAO in supporting agricultural sector

Meanwhile, Governor al-Barazi stressed the important role of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in supporting agricultural and livestock sector in Homs province during the past period, calling on the organizations to intensify its role in this the current stage due to the terrorist operations which took place in the province by the armed terrorist groups.

Meeting FAO representative in Syria, Erico Hibi, al-Barazi clarified that the province includes several centers for breeding livestock.

For her part, Hibi pointed out that her visit to Homs aimed at inspecting an extremely important province in the field of food production, particularly as Homs province produces about 23% of Syria’s livestock in general.

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