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The ISIS Offensive that Never Happened


The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has released footage of a downed Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) jet that was allegedly shot-down during their new offensive at the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields – one problem, there is no “new” ISIS offensive at Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields and the video footage is from a month ago.

ISIS media outlets anxiously promoted the new offensive and downed jet on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They would later spread the news of a captured oil well at the gas fields; however, this was news to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers who currently control the well. For hours, many journalists believed the story to be true and some even went as far as to report about the offensive that is not happening. These journalists would later recant their previous reports and dismiss any follow-ups to this story.

Sources linked to Al-Masdar News conducted a review of the footage and have asserted that the video released by ISIS is in fact a month old – the SAA has recently taken back Well 105 at the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields, which resulted in the complete withdrawal of ISIS fighters to the outskirts of this area.

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