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Ten Saudi soldiers blown to smithereens due to Houthi offensive on coastal city



On Friday, two soldiers of the Saudi Arabian Army along with 8 proxies were killed-in-action (KIA) amid clashes with the Yemeni Army, Popular Committees, Republican Guard and Missile Forces at the Red Sea port city of Midi.

The death toll was inflicted after troops loyal to the Sana’a based government bombarded Saudi-held positions inside the contested Yemeni port, not far from Jizan province.

According to Al-Masdar News field correspondent Naseh Shaker, clashes continued inside Midi overnight as the Yemeni and Saudi Army tried to dislodge one another.

Houthi-led forces rely primarily on artillery and missiles to do their dirty work in this offensive while the Saudi Army and Saudi-backed troops depend on airstrikes to fend off attacks near the border with Saudi Arabia.

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