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Tal Abyad under Full Control of Syrian Kurds

Syrian Kurdish fighters gained full control over the strategic border town of Tal Abyad after inflicting heavy casualties on the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

According to reports, the Syrian Kurds made huge gains in their fight against the ISIL terrorists in Northern border areas and established full control over Tal Abyad.

The reports added a few pockets of the terrorists are still holed up in the district and that the Kurdish forces are carrying out clean-up operations to purge the area from the remnants of the militants.

More than 40 ISIL terrorists lost their lives in the operation.

The latest developments came after the Kurdish forces fully surrounded the strategic town after seizing a border post and cutting a major road linking Tal Abyad to Raqqa, which is currently under ISIL control and serves as its de facto capital.

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