Syrian Soldier to ISIL Murderer: “I Swear to God We Will Eradicate the State”

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Syrian Soldier to ISIL Murderer
The news bulletins social media networks have circulated a video which show how the Syrian army soldier Yahya Adnan Shughari challenged the ISIL terrorists by swearing that the military will eradicate the so-called Islamic State before they killed him with his colleague.

The video displays how ISLL murderer killed the Shughari’s colleague and named the “Islamic State” before the courageous soldier screamed, “I swear to God we will eradicate State.”

“I swear to God we will be eradicate State” was published, in Arabic, as a hashtag on Facebook and received wide interaction among the Syrian and Arab bloggers who hailed the heroic and sacrificial act of Shughari.

Source: Al-Manar Website


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