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Syrian presidential election starts overseas

2ae92aae338eda3af6048905cf7dbeb5_L (1)The Syrian presidential vote has commenced overseas.
According to IRIB World Service, citing Fars news agency, more than 200,000 Syrians flock to the polling stations throughout 39 Syrian embassies overseas, on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, to elect their future president.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement, announcing that the Syrian nationals should maintain Syrian passports, with valid exit stamps, to be able to vote overseas.
This statement partly reads that in a number of countries, due to closure of the Syrian embassies, participation in the Syrian election is not possible. Meanwhile, plans have been made for the Syrian nationals, who reside in such countries, and who intend to take part in the election, to directly fly to the International Damascus Airport, and to leave Damascus for their country of residence on the same day after casting their ballots.
Meanwhile, the Syrians, residing in Iran, attend the Syrian Embassy in Tehran, today (Wednesday), to elect their future president by casting their votes in the ballot boxes.
The central committee of the presidential election at the Syrian Foreign Ministry has called on the Syrians, who reside overseas, to widely take part in the Syrian presidential election, today (Wednesday).

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