Syrian Minister: Social reconsolidation paves the ground for political solution to the crisis

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20140226-210231_h530338 (1)Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, considered the social reconciliation as paving the ground for launching the ultimate political solution to the crisis in Syria, particularly in light of the availability of an atmosphere that provides the opportunity for social reconciliation that can be the springboard for comprehensive national reconciliation.
In an interview with a German newspaper, Minister Haidar pointed out that the capacities of the Syrian society and the complete absence of solution in other means created the environment required for national reconciliation.
He highlighted the importance of national reconciliations which were accomplished in several areas in achieving stability and easing the suffering of the citizens.
Concerning Geneva 2 conference, Minister Haidar said that no link was made between Geneva 2 and the social reconciliation taking place on the ground, noting that the sides which are committing violence reject the political solution to the crisis.
He pointed out that there is no genuine international will in Geneva 2 conference for a political solution to the crisis.


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