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Syrian Army Sends Hundreds of Fresh Forces to Strategic Anadan Region



The Syrian Army troops and their allies who are expected to launch a large-scale attack against the strongholds of al-Nusra Front in the strategic Anadan plain Northwest of Aleppo province were reinvigorated on Thursday by fresh forces.

Hundreds of fresh forces arrived in Aleppo today to take part in the upcoming operations to capture the Anadan Plain, a military source said.

According to the source, the convoy sent by the Syrian army consisted of nearly 900 soldiers.

Earlier reports said that the Syrian forces, deployed in the villages of Ratyan and al-Zahra, are preparing for a large-scale attack against the terrorists’ positions in Anadan.

“Ratyan and al-Zahra are strategically situated at the Northern and Eastern sides of the terrorist-controlled ‘Anadan Plains,” the sources said, adding, “The Syrian government forces are resolved to use their strategic upper hand against the terrorist groups and put an end to the presence of militants in Northwest Aleppo.”

“The offensive in Northern Aleppo is coming soon; however, no further details have thus far be given,” they added.

“Should the Syrian Armed Forces seize the ‘Anadan Plains, they will have effectively encircled the remaining militants in Western Aleppo,” the sources underscored.

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