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Syrian Army restores initiative in Hama: Field Repor



Field Report:

Ma’ardes: After huge pressure and intense gas canister, mortar, tank, and MLRS shelling, jihadists from the Jund Al-Aqsa terrorist group allied with the western-backed Free Syrian Army’s Jaish Al-Nasr were able to enter vast sections of the town until Syrian Army units launched an immediate counterattack after which all points in the town and its vicinity were secured.

Ma’an: The minority town was on the verge of being surrounded by the aforementioned terrorist groups until the Syrian Army was able to secure Ma’ardes and repel the attack on the corridor that links between Ma’an and Ma’ardes. Local NDF was able to make a valiant stand until the latter town was fully captured.

Sawran – Taybat Al-Imam: Huge amount of preliminary bombardment has been targeting the militants’ rocket launchers, mobilization points, armament, and armored vehicles as Syrian Army infantry units supported by tanks position themselves on the outskirts of the two cities awaiting orders to launch the counter-offensive.

Maharde: The predominantly-Christian village was not the subject of any assault by the extremist militants who have portrayed genocidal tendencies against minorities on many occasions before like in Ma’an, Ishtabraq, Zarah, Houla, and Sawran (yesterday when 90 civilians were massacred along with the elder of the village). However, mortar shells and rockets target the town consistently.

Zein Al-Abedeen Mt.: The mountain is an extremely well-defended spot north of the provincial capital. Its strategic position enables targeting of militant movements at relative ease. The aforementioned militants were not able to advance an inch against the base of the mountain.

Qamhana – Salhab: Local NDF and volunteer fighters immediately came to the aid of the Syrian Armed Forces in northern Hama abruptly pinning the jihadist advance in its place.

In conclusion, it is expected that the long-awaited counterattack will be launched tomorrow. It is unclear if the aim of the counterattack is limited to recapturing the lost towns or advancing further into new areas.


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