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Syrian army repels militant groups in different areas

13921008000409_PhotoI (1)The Syrian army has continued pursuing the armed militant groups, having successful military operations against militant hideouts and destroying their criminal equipment.
The army units clashed with militants on Saturday in many areas in al-Mulaiha in Damascus countryside, killing and injuring dozens of militants and destroying their gatherings and hideouts, the official SANA news agency reports.
SANA reporter was informed that the army also carried out many operations in the areas of Adra al-Balad, Ein Tarma and Jobar, killing tens of militants and destroying their weapons and equipment, among the killed militants were Abdul-Aziz Idrees and Omar Sweidah.
In Douma, the army targeted militants’ gathering in Alya Farms and killed and injured many of them, among which were Saleh al-Bazrawi and Hisham al-Durra. An army unit clashed with militants in the area of Khan al-Sheeh and killed two militants and injured other 7.
Another army unit destroyed militants’ gatherings and vehicles in al-Qusour Street.
Meanwhile, an army unit pursued an armed militant group in al-Sarkha farms near Yabroud, killing a number of its members and destroyed their weapons and equipment.
Seven militants were also killed, others were injured and a heavy machine gun mounted on a vehicle was destroyed by members of an army unit in the area of Bassel al-Assad Dam to the south of Hasaka city.
Army units also launched wide military operation against militants in Aleppo Province, inflicting heavy losses upon them in several villages, towns and neighborhoods in the province.
A military source said that army units destroyed an ammunition cache in Hanano neighborhood and a number of militants’ cars on the Youth Residence, to the north of Aleppo central prison and in the villages and towns of Handarat, Ainjara, Mare’, al-Mansoura, Kafarnaha, Hmaima and Deir-Hafer, in addition to the villages of al-Sheikh Said, Baidin and al-Rashidin.
The source added that army units targeted militants’ dens in the towns and villages of Sharba’, Rasem al-Abboud and Babis, Daret Ezza and the neighborhoods of al-Sakhour, Hanano, and al-Jbeileh, killing many militants and destroying their weapons.
Army units killed and injured numbers of militants and destroyed cars loaded with ammunition and equipment in the towns of Tafas and Atman in the countryside of Daraa, according to a military source.
Units of the armed forces also destroyed dens of militants in al-Manshiyeh and al-Sibeh neighborhoods in Daraa al-Balad and left a number of militants dead and wounded in al-Nei’meh.
Several militants’ gatherings were targeted in the areas of al-Khazan al-Jadid, the Nortehrn School and the surrounding of Um al-Mayaden town. The militants suffered heavy losses.
Militant gatherings were also targeted in Daraa al-Balad, al-Jiza, and Ma’araba, resulting in the death of many militants, in addition to leaving a number of militants dead or injured on the road between Jassem and Samlin.
The Army units confronted militant groups which were attempting to infiltrate the borders from Jordanian territories, destroying a pickup truck they were using and eliminating the militants inside it, while the remaining militants fled towards Jordan.
An army unit destroyed the headquarters of a militant group in the town of Taldo in al-Houleh area, Homs countryside, leaving the militants inside it dead or injured.
Army units also targeted militant gatherings in the town of al-Rastan and the village of Kisin in al-Rastan countryside, eliminating many militants.
Other units destroyed two vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in the villages of Onk al-Hawa and Oum Sehrij in Jub al-Jarrah area east of Homs, leaving the militants inside them dead or injured.
Two cars equipped with heavy machine guns were destroyed and numbers of militants were killed and others were injured in the villages of al-Dwayeh al-Soghra, al-Dwayeh al-Kobra and al-Hejjeh in the southern countryside of Quneitra.
Army units also eliminated a number of militants and wounded others in the town of al-Rami in Dileb countryside, destroying a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun, in addition to targeting militants near Bab Allah village in Ariha area and around the town of al-Sheghr in Jisr al-Shughour, leaving a number of militants dead or injured.
Syria has been the scene of deadly turmoil since March 2011. Recent reports say over 150,000 people have so far died and millions of others displaced because of the foreign-backed violence.

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