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Syrian Army Kills a Group of Chechen Snipers in Daraa

In a new setback against the so-called “Operation Southern Storm”, the Syrian army targeted a terrorist gathering on Monday, killing 30 members of a Chechen snipers group hours after their entered into the east of Daraa countryside.

The snipers entered Daraa from the MOC operations center through Nassib crossing.

The Syrian army targeted the residential villa, where the Chechen snipers were staying, with a guided missile hours after they entered the city of Saida in Daraa countryside.

Sources told Al-Manar TV that the Chechen snipers were brought in across the Nassib border crossing with Jordan in total secrecy, where they arrived to a residential villa at 2:30 AM in the dawn and were kept under heavy guard.

The Syrian army lookout for them and watched their movements and while they were holding a meeting with a field coordination leader the villa was leveled to the ground. The terrorists were all dead or injured.

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