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Syrian Army issues stern warning to Turkish military in Latakia, eliminates embedded rebel terrorists

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) responded to the latest Turkish military incursion into northern Latakia by targeting the rebel forces embedded with the latter in the Jabal Al-Akrad region.

According to a military source in Latakia, the Syrian Army purposely fired an anti-tank guided missile towards a rebel operated vehicle near the Turkish lines this morning.

The source continued that the ATGM attack scored a direct hit on the rebel vehicle, killing all of the militants inside.

Furthermore, the Syrian Army heavily shelled the area where the Turkish military is presently posted in the Jabal Al-Akrad region.

The Turkish military recently moved their forces inside the Latakia Governorate’s Jabal Al-Akrad region, taking up positions at the large hilltop of Tal Tufahiyah.

With their newly obtained Kornet-D ATGM system, the Syrian Army now has a range up to 10,000 meters, which is twice the range of their previous system.

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