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Syrian Army in full control of Wadi Ein Tarma in Damascus Countryside, restores security to several areas in Aleppo


Units of the armed forces assumed full control of Wadi Ein Tarma and surrounding areas in Damascus Countryside, according to a military source.
The source told SANA that large numbers of terrorists were killed in the course of the operations to establish control over the areas.
In the same context, the army restored security and stability to the villages and towns of al-Mazariā€™eh, Bashkuwi, Um al-Jern, Qashouteh, al-Wawiyeh, al-Berzaniyeh, Rasm al-Hulo, Diman, Rasm al-Sheikh and al-Husseiniyeh in the countryside of Aleppo.
SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that the army units, backed by the national defense groups, managed to restore security to the aforementioned areas after eliminating large numbers of terrorists.
Meanwhile, the source said, army units established full control over the Water Unit and the entire area surrounding the Defense Factories in the countryside of the northern province.

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