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Syrian Army Ambushes Terrorists in Flita, Destroys Key ’Daesh’-Controlled Bridge in Deir Ez-Zor


The Syrian army ambushed and killed dozens of Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorists on Flita barrens in Qalamoun in Damacus countryside.

Meanwhile, the army destroyed the Siyassa bridge in a special operation carried out by elite forces and engineering units in Syria’s eastern city of Deir Ez-zor, leaving all operating militants killed and injured, sources told Al-Manar on Monday.

The city has been totally isolated now from the rural area of Deir Ez-zor following the operation as Siyassa Bridge was the main supply route for armed groups between both areas.
The militants’ movements have also been paralyzed as the heavy artillery of the Syrian army stormed their communities and main stationing points in the area following the huge blast.

The so-called Syrian Observatory, a UK-based monitoring group, said the Siyassa Bridge was the only outlet connecting the so-called “Daesh” [ISIL]-led areas which makes the terrorists’ strongholds in Deir Ez-zor trapped due to the control of the army on the land crossings.

The city’s other three bridges had already been blown up earlier at various stages of the three-year conflict in Syria.

Furthermore, the Syrian army also ambushed and killed dozens of so-called “al- Nusra Front” terrorists, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group, on Flita barrens in Qalamoun in Damascus countryside, according to well-informed sources that told Al-Manar.

The Syrian army also killed 37 Daesh terrorists in Deir Ez-zor after fierce clashes with the terrorist group.

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