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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Destroys Takfiri Terrorists’ Hideouts in Hama

The Syrian air force in an air assault destroyed the hideouts and the concentration centers of the Takfiri terrorists in Hama province, killing tens of militants.

The ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian warplanes airstrikes in Qleidin, Daqman and al-Zaqoum areas in the countryside of Hama province.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more injured in the Syrian airstrikes on their positions in Northwestern Hama.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army strongly rejected media reports that the Southeastern parts of the town of Fuaa have fallen to the hand of the Takfiri terrorists.

The army’s rejection came after some pro-West media outlets claimed that the foreign-backed militants had captured key areas in Southeastern Fuaa.

The Syrian military sources said that fierce clashes are going on between the Syrian forces and the terrorist groups in the outskirts of Fuaa and Kafraya towns in Idlib province, but the militants have failed to capture any part of Fuaa.

The militants have pushed popular forces back from a village in Northeast of Fuaa, but heavy clashes are still underway in areas 3km to the East of the city.

Some 3,000 rockets, mortar and artillery shells have been fired at Fuaa and Kafraya in the last 48 hours.

Since July, the Syrian popular defense forces have repeatedly repelled the Takfiri terrorists’ attacks on two Fuaa and Kafraya towns, and inflicted heavy damage and casualties on the militants.

The militants of the Jeish al-Fath terrorist group, an alliance of Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham militant groups, have repeatedly attempted to sneak into the towns of Kafraya and Fuaa, but the popular forces foiled their attack.

It is now five months that the Jeish al-Fath terrorist group has besieged Kafraya and Fuaa.

The two Shiite-populated towns were part of a ceasefire deal between the Syrian and Hezbollah forces and the militant groups.

Also, at least 64 terrorists of the so-called “Jeish al-Fath” were killed in the Idlib.

On Tuesday, the Syrian air strikes hit positions of terrorists in the towns of al-Sawaghiyeh, Binnish, Kelli, Zardana and in the vicinity of al-Fuaa town in the Northeastern countryside of Idlib.

Field sources said that at least 12 terrorists were killed in the air strikes, including Ali al-Zaarour.

Elsewhere, the Syrian air force launched airstrikes on the positions and supply routes of the terrorists of the al-Nusra Front in Wadi Bassour village in Kinsabba area in Lattakia province, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants.

Dozens of al-Nusra terrorists, including a senior Saudi commander of the terrorist group and three Turkish terrorists, were killed in the air strikes on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army killed all the members of a terrorist group, and destroyed a BMP vehicle, four heavy machineguns and a cannon in Jib al-Ahmar village near the border with Hama province.

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