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Syria: Gov’t Forces Only Inches Away from Complete Control over Homs Oil-Rich Regions

A field commander of the Syrian Army underlined the full readiness of his forces and their popular allies to drive the ISIL terrorists back from their last positions East of Homs province and take full control over the oil and gas fields of al-Sha’er.

“From the military viewpoint, the Syrian army troops and their allies have only the two hilltops of al-Shohada and Fourdika to recapture before they can declare full control over the energy-rich region of al-Sha’er,” the commander said, adding, “The Syrian fighter jets and the army’s artillery and missile units are heavily pounding the ISIL positions near al-Shohada and Fourdika to pave the ground for the army soldiers and National Defense Forces to end ISIL’s control over these two key heights and free the entire oil and gas fields in Eastern Homs.”

“The ISIL has suffered a heavy death toll in the artillery and air attacks and is pulling the remaining pockets of its forces from the battlefield,” the commander underlined.

Reports said on Tuesday that the Syrian army and popular forces were racing towards al-Sha’er oilfield in the Eastern part of Homs, adding, “Government forces are only 5km away from the oil-rich region now.”

“All territories up to a region that is just 5km away from al-Sha’er oilfield have been purged of terrorists,” a field commander said.

“Hundreds of terrorists have been killed and a major part of ISIL’s military hardware in the region has been destroyed in the recent operations in the Eastern parts of Homs that sped up its momentum on Monday,” he added.

The commander expressed confidence that the strategic oil field will be liberated soon.

The pro-government troops in Syria launched massive operations against ISIL-held territories in Eastern Homs province on Monday, targeting the ISIL strongholds near al-Sha’er oilfield.

The Syrian Army troops inflicted major damage on the ISIL positions near al-Sha’er oilfield, and killed or wounded scores of them and finally pushed them back from Taha hill overlooking the oilfield.

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