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Syria: Army Seizes US-Made Ammunition from Militants in Dara’a

The Syrian army units, tipped off by intelligence agents, stropped and seized a truck of the terrorist groups carrying a large cache of Israeli and US-made arms and ammunition in the Southern province of Dara’a.

The Truck was stopped in the Eastern territories of Dara’a and was heading towards Eastern Badiyeh (desert).

200 kg of explosive materials and 32 land mines made in Israel alongside a number TOW anti-tank missiles made in US were in the seized truck.

Earlier this month, the Syrian Army troops destroyed another ISIL workshop used for making heavy ammunition in the Southern province of Dara’a.

The Syrian soldiers stormed the ISIL terrorists’ large workshop for manufacturing rockets and mortar shells in Dara’a province, which ended in the destruction the workshop building and the machinery inside it.

Several members of the ISIL were also killed in the attacks.

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