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Surrendered Ghouta terrorists join Turkey backed FSA terrorists in Hama


A group of rebel fighters who had been evacuated from the East Ghouta region last month joined a leading FSA-linked faction in the central province of Hama.

The spokesman of ‘Jobar and Ghouta Rebels’ Brigade announced they are joining Jaysh al-Izza rebel group in order to carry on the ‘revolution’ and continue the fight against ‘the Syrian regime’.

The Brigade was part of Faylaq al-Rahman rebel group which fought the Syrian Army in Jobar, Zalmka and Arbeen among other places.

Jaysh al-Izza is an FSA-affiliated group active in north Hama countryside, north Homs and north Latakia countryside.

Thousands of East Ghouta militants and their families left their bastions to the country’s north as per a surrender deal with the Syrian government.

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