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Sheikh Isa Qassim’s striping of nationality proves incapability of Al Kalifa


The message by Iran’s Qom Seminary Scholars’ Society has referred to the recent crises in the world of Islam brought by world arrogant powers and international Zionism carried out by puppet governments and regional supporters of the dangerous plot, reported Taqrib News Agency(TNA).
“Crimes and bloodshed carried out by Daesh terrorists and Saudi infanticides in Yemen are only examples of the high rate of corruption by arrogant forces in confrontation with Islam and Islamic Awakening.” said another part of this message.
The message continued with a reference to Bahraini people passing through much pains and sufferings when they are banned from mosques and Friday prayers.
Iran’s religious center in another part of its message slammed disrespect and violation of prominent Shia cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim and striping of his nationality, detention of the people in support of Saudi Arabia calling that extreme crackdown and suffocation of the people.
Worsening of the pressure on the Muslim people in Bahrain and prevention of religious rituals in mosques is a violation of citizenship rights and ignorance of a legal demand by the people and a proof for incapability of Al Kalifa regime.
“Qom Seminary Scholars’ Society slams the atrocity of Al Kalifa regime against Bahraini scholars and revolutionary figures and announces its support for struggles by the people.” Read another part of the message demanding Bahraini people to rise for the oppressed people in this country.
Iran’s Qom Seminary Scholars’ Society concluded its message with a warning for Al Kalifa and Al Saud stressing that the end to regional crisis will be annihilation and collapse of oppressive governments when Islamic resistance will raise the flag for honor and glory of Islam.

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