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Security Forces Discover Illegal Arms Cache in Western Iran on Eve of Presidential Election



Iranian security forces discovered and seized 102 handguns in the Western province of Kermanshah one day before the presidential election was held in the country on May 19.

“102 pistols along with over 5,000 bullets and 55 unauthorized hunting guns, whose owners are unknown, were discovered and seized on May 18 following efforts by the security and intelligence authorities in the town of Salas Babajani,” Attorney-General of Kermanshah Mohammad Hossein Sadeqi said on Monday.

He expressed concern that such a large number of weapons could pose a security threat during election days.

Iranians on Friday went to the polling centers to vote in the country’s 12th presidential and 5th city and village councils elections.

Iranian voters went to over 63,000 polling stations in and outside the country to elect their next president without any security problem.

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani was officially named as the winner of Iran’s Friday election to maintain power for another 4-year term in office.

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