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Report: ISIL Massacres 2 Iraqi Tribes Near Fallujah City


The ISIL terrorist group has massacred two Iraqi tribes near the city of Fallujah, media reports said.
All members of Bu Saleh and Bu Hatam have been killed by the ISIL in Taqato al-Salam in the Western side of Fallujah city, the Arabic-language media outlets reported.

The ISIL started shooting at the families who had left Fallujah city and were heading towards al-Ameriya, killing at least 30 people, most of the women and children.

The ISIL’s crimes come while the Takfiri terrorist group is on the verge of losing the war in Fallujah.

On Thursday, battlefield sources announced that the Takfiri terrorists in Fallujah city were surrounded from the Northern, Eastern and Southern directions.

“A large-scale operation to retake the city will resume imminently,” the sources added.

Asked by FNA of reasons for the Iraqi forces’ slow advance in Fallujah operations, a field source said that the ISIL has planted hundreds of booby-trapped bombs around the city to slow down the Iraqi army and is using the Fallujah residents as its human shield.

“Therefore, the Iraqi army should take precaution to lower the death toll among its forces and the civilians,” the source added.

The source also said that the ISIL has also forced the Fallujah residents, including women and children, to pick up arms and help the terrorist group in the war against the Iraqi forces.

Local sources confirmed today that 3,000 families have fled the Iraqi province of Anbar as the offensive against ISIL continues to deal severe blows to the terrorists.

The sources said since the beginning of the victorious operations by the Iraqi forces for the liberation of the city of Fallujah (60 km Northwest of Baghdad), Iraqi citizens have been able to run away from the areas where they had spent years living under a blockade, hunger and terror since January 2014.

Ismail al-Issawy, a management member of the central hospital in Fallujah, said that 1,500 families have fled the city center and about 500 families left Zobaa village, all headed towards the Iraqi army and local voluntary troops positions in Anbar province.

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