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Prime Minister: Syria’s diversity is source of its strength

20140305-171622_h531507-300x201Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi Wednesday met Patriarchal Assistant of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East, Bishop Luka Khoury.
During the meeting, al-Halqi affirmed Syria’s diversity is the source of its strength and its cultural and religious richness asserting that the Syrian society will remain cohesive and an example of coexistence and tolerance despite all the attempts by enemies to undermine Syria’s social fabric.
The Premier underlined the role of religious figures in rallying people to protect society against Wahabi takfiri mentality which is a threat to all humanity and which depletes nation’s resources in addition to their role in bolstering the spirit of reconciliation, overcoming pain, and rejecting violence.
He reaffirmed Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger thanks to Syrians’ determination, love of life, and commitment to their country’s unity.
For his part, Bishop Khoury asserted that the attempts by Syria’s enemies to undermine trust among the country’s people will fail and all Syrians will remain in their homeland to defend and rebuild it.

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