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President Assad: Iran supporter of international campaign against terrorism

Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Wednesday that Syria has stood up to terrorists from 80 countries, noting that Iran has supported Syria in the international campaign against terrorism.

In an interview with a group of Russian reporters in Moscow, he added that Iran’s idea of diplomatic and peaceful resolution of Syrian crisis is based on the Syrian sovereignty and respecting the national demands of Syria.

Syria believes that Iran plays a significant role in settling crisis, he said.

Rejecting western media rumors that Iran dispatches military forces to Syria, Assad said that the two countries are cooperating with each other and they have been exchanging experts and certain equipment since the ancient times.

‘Syria is cooperating with Russia, Iran and Iraq in the fight against terrorism,’ Assad said, noting that Damascus feels it necessary to collaborate with the countries which have a serious resolve to fight ISIL and any other terrorist groups.

‘We are not interested to fight terrorism in a coalition led by the US because since the beginning of operations by the coalition, ISIL has extended its activities,’ he said, noting that the coalition has failed in ground operations against terrorism.

Assad further contended that countries such Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and the US which are backing terrorists cannot fight it. Those governments should end their friendship with the terrorists and change their policies.

Syria will support its army which has been standing against terrorists since 54 months ago and struggling to defend national sovereignty, Syrian president said.

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