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Palestinian Ambassador checks in on health of Minister al-Moallem

20140325-183907_h535253 (1)Upon instructions of President of the Palestinian state Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) political office in Damascus Ambassador Anwar Abdelhadi checked on the health of Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem.
Abdelhadi, received by Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad, wished al-Moallem a swift recovery following the successful surgical procedure he underwent recently.
For his part, Mikdad thanked Abdelhadi for this kind gesture, reaffirming Syria’s support for Palestine and showing readiness to do all that is necessary to alleviate the suffering of the people in Yarmouk Camp, end crisis in it and backing exerted efforts to carry out Palestinian factions’ initiative to free the camp from weapon and gunmen.
He underlined Syria’s support to the Palestinian leadership’s stances which reject Israel’s demand on recognition of the Jewish state as this demand represents a racism aimed at evacuating the Palestinians from 1948 lands and tampering with the region’s demography in the interests of Zionism.
In this regard, Abdelhadi thanked the Syrian government for facilitating the entry of food supplies to the camp and for supporting the Palestinian initiative to resolve the crisis in it.

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