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‘Muslims should join hands in unity’: top cleric



Qom Seminary instructor Ayatollah Mohammad Alavi Gorgani sternly warned Muslims of the fallout of ignorance in countering enemies of Islam pursuing plots in a bid sow discord among Muslim nations, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The world of Muslims, the religious cleric said, “is regretfully suffering from unresolved setbacks and problems including poverty, civil wars, and showdown triggered as a result of pressure by ignorant systems.”

“Muslim nations are should manage to raise their competencies and capability so as to stand up to bullying,” pointed out the religious cleric.

Expressing hope that Muslim countries would further put the teachings of the Holy Quran into practice, the religious cleric underscored, “it is incumbent upon each one of Muslims to step up and move in the path of Quran standing against ill-wishers who seek to sow religious and ethnic divisions among Muslim nations.”

“The standing unity among Muslim axial to uprooting terror,” noted the religious cleric demanding Muslims to join hands in unity and choose the very right path.

To Ayatollah Alavi Gorgani, the world of Islam is severely suffering from dispersion and the standing disunity among Muslims only serves the regime of Zionism and arrogant World.

Given that the religous cleric urged Muslims to preserve their solidairty and give their consummate effort for boosting fraternity in the society.

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