Misery and Death for Saada’ Children, a Gift of UK and Saudi Bombs

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VIDEO: Misery and Death for Saada’ Childeren, a Gift of UK and Saudi Bombs

VIDEO: Misery and Death for Saada’ Childeren, a Gift of UK and Saudi Bombs


Children in Yemen are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict in the country with millions requiring urgent care. Many of those are from Saada, the birthplace of Yemen’s Shiite Revolutionary Forces of Houthi Ansarallh, which has been one of the most densely bombed cities in Yemen during the past 19 months of airstrikes by Saudi Arabia.

Twelve-year-old Abdul, who British Broadcaster Sky News said weighs only 11 kilogrammes, is just one of the many acutely malnourished children fighting for their lives among the bombing and airstrikes.

In October UNICEF said nearly 2.2 million children required urgent care, with an additional 1.7 million children suffering from moderate malnutrition.

Meanwhile, in his first interview since taking power, the new Prime Minister of The Houthi Government, Abdulaziz bin Habtour, told Sky News that Britain is “participating in the bombing and airstrikes in Yemen”.

This came as Sky reported that they found a nose cone used to protect a British-made missile that was clearly marked with a UK identifying stamp, in Saada.

The conflict began in March 2015 and has killed roughly 9,000 people, creating a humanitarian crisis and famine conditions in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation.


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