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Mikdad: Syria supports Palestinian people against US-backed Zionist policy

20140326-205458_h (1)Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed Wednesday Syria’s strategic stance which supports Palestinians struggle to regain its legitimate right of return and establish Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Mikdad discussed during a meeting with Assistant Secretary General of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command, Talal Naji inhuman blockade imposed by armed terrorist groups on al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus that prevent food and medical aid from being delivered to the camp.
He underlined Syria’s support to Palestinian people against the US-backed Zionist polices aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause including the racist call adopted by US to recognize the so-called Jewish state.
“Al-Yarmouk camp blockade comes within conspiracy carried out by Israel’s tools in the region to liquidate Palestinian cause” Mikdad said, holding supporters of terrorists in Syria responsible for the dilemma to which the Palestinian camps in the country are passing through.
He appreciated efforts exerted by the Palestinians factions in Syria in cooperation with the Syrian government to end the siege on the camp and expel terrorist groups from it, delivering food and medical aid to the residents there and evacuating students and patients from it.
Naji, for his part, briefed Mikdad on Palestinian factions’ efforts to free Camp from the terrorist groups and deliver food to citizens there affirming unity of the Palestinians towards the situation in the Camp, represented by expelling all terrorists from it.

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