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Mikdad: Language of honor and dignity still Syria’s discourse and aspiration

Deputy-FM-Faisal-Mikdad (1)

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed that the accelerated developments in the region and failure of Syria’s enemies to achieve their goals in undermining Syria, its people and civilization brought back the climates of the “psychological war” led by Israel to return confidence to its’ allies in Saudi Arabia and others in the region
and beyond.
“Honor and dignity have vanished from the language and the behavior of many reactionary Arab regimes to the interest of Israel, the US and the west,
but it is still the basis of language and aspiration of the Syrian government, leadership and people,” Dr. Mikdad said in an article published at the Lebanese al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday.
He added that agents of Israel and the West don’t know the concepts of sovereignty, independence, freedom and dignity linking Syria with its allies
and brothers, these concepts are based in all its aspects on common history and interests, saying ” Based on these principles, Syria has built its
firm relation with Russia,”
He underlined that weapons provided by Turkey and Saudi Arabia to the Arab and foreign-backed terrorists will not protect them from the sever blows of the Syrian Army and its tireless efforts to uproot terrorists across the country.
The Deputy Foreign Minister said it was agreed with the UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura on that the urgent task of any international effort at the current stage is combating terrorism and achieving the local reconciliations for reaching a credible political process to stop this war and put an end to the crisis in Syria.
Mikdad concluded by saying that Syria will deal with the UN envoy openly and without any restriction or condition since the task is difficult but not an impossible one .

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