Pro-Government Rallies

Massive rallies stress unshakable support for army

20140221-214659 (1)Citizens across Syria continue to pour into the streets, sending out a strident message of support to their army in the face of terrorism that has plagued the country, and unshakable allegiance to national firm principles.
Sadad town in Homs spells out support for army
A massive popular gathering took place in Sadad town in the countryside of Homs on Friday during which the participants expressed their firm adherence to the national principles and unshakable support for the Syrian army in its operations against the armed terrorist groups.
The participants, holding posters of president Bashar al-Assad and waving Syrian flags, chanted slogans highlighting their adherence to national unity as the way to overcome the conspiracy.
They said that the blood of the Syrian soldiers and civilians is the fence that guards Syria and its people from all conspiracies and challenges, adding that the acts of the terrorist groups in Sadad earlier are unacceptable in any religion.
Hazarma town in Douma marches in rejection of terrorism
Hundreds of people from the town of Hazarma in Douma in Damascus Countryside took to the streets in condemnation of the acts of the armed terrorist groups, demanding the exit of all terrorists from the area.
SANA reporter was informed by participants that about one thousand persons participated in the event, adding that they called upon the gunmen to surrender themselves in to authorities as to restore security and stability to the area and reach a national reconciliation.
The participants said that the terrorists opened fire on the march and threatened to abduct the seniors of the town and its mosque’s Imam.
Citizens in Um al-Toyour, Lattakia countryside voice support to army
Citizens in Um al-Toyour in Lattakia northwestern countryside took to the streets in a massive rally to express support to the Syrian army in fighting terrorism.
Waving national flags and raising banners that affirm commitment to national sovereignty and the independent national decision, the participants expressed confidence that the Syrian people are capable of surmounting all difficulties.
Source: SANA

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