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Kurds push to cut off ISIL’s supply routes from Syria into Iraq

Kurdish forces have liberated some 17 Syrian and Iraqi villages on the southwestern borders of the two countries.

The villages lay between the border gate town of Rabia half a kilometer from the borders and the district of Sinjar in northern Iraq.

The Kurdish Peshmerga say they hold the bodies of ISIL terrorists who have been killed in the past 48 hours.
Leading PUK member – Saadi Ahmed Pira – told Press TV cutting off ISIL’s supply routes was vital before any battle to liberate Mosul.

Kurdish military officials in Erbil are currently mulling over plans and possibilities of launching an all-out attack which could cut off ISIL’s remaining supply routes from the provinces of Deir Al-Zawr and Raqqa to Iraq’s Nineveh province; this as the Kurds are mindful of how hard it has become for the terror group to back its members fighting in the northern district of Sinjar.

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