Kurdish Female Fighter Kills 100 ISIL Terrorists Single-Handedly in Kobani

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A Kurdish female fighter has been hailed on social media for allegedly killing over 100 ISIL terrorists single-handed in the battle for Kobani, media reports said.
The fighter, known only as Rehana, was named in a tweet which has already been shared thousands of times since it was initially sent on 13 October, The International Times Reported.

Several Kurdish women have been lionized for the bravery and determination they have shown in attacking ISIL.

The women belong to the Yekineyen Parastina Jin, or Women Protection Units (YPJ). The female contingent earned international renowned after one of its fighters blew herself up in Kobani, killing several ISIL terrorists.

Kobani, Syria’s largest Kurdish city, has seen intense battles over the past month, as ISIL terrorists are trying to seize the city due to its strategic location.


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