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Jeish Al-Fatah Pinned down under Heavy Fire in Southern Aleppo

Syrian Army’s artillery and missile units opened very heavy fire at Jeish al-Fatah’s gatherings and forced them to hide in their positions without considerable movements to open their closed supply line from Aleppo to Khan Touman, military sources said.
“The Syrian government forces engaged in heavy fighting with Jeish al-Fatah terrorists near military academy buildings, in the meantime, heavy fire of army’s artillery and missile units did not leave any chance for the terrorists to advance towards Um al-Qara’a hilltop,” the sources said.

“Nine armored vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah were targeted and their crew was killed in the clashes in military academy buildings,” they added.

“In the meantime, Syrian military forces fortified their positions in Um al-Qara’a which is the most important hilltop in the region for monitoring the supply roads of terrorists coming from Khan Touman to al-Rashedeen,” they went on to say,

“Um al-Qara’a also overlooks the entire roads in al-Ramousiyeh and military academy buildings, including a road connecting al-Hekma school to Taslih academy building,” the sources said.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army’s special forces smashed a convoy of terrorists carrying large amounts of explosives and military equipment near al-Ramousiyeh square in the Southern parts of Aleppo city, killing tens of militants.

The Syrian army units planted bombs on the route of the terrorists’ convoy and then blew them up when the Jeish al-Fatah militants arrived, destroying a large number of vehicles carrying weapons and forces.

The operations left over 47 terrorists dead and tens of others wounded while many others were targeted and killed by the Syrian army snipers. The bodies of the dead terrorists scattered on the scene of operation.

The Syrian special forces could return to their headquarters after the operation without any damage or casualties.

The Syrian army has been launching step-by-step operations like the operations in Northern Aleppo to fully block the narrow corridors opened by terrorists in Southwestern Aleppo.13950603000595_Test_PhotoI

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