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Israel’s boundless support to terrorists laid bare for all to see


New media information revealed that up to 1400 terrorists who were wounded in Syria have been treated at the expense of the Israeli War Ministry in a field hospital in the occupied Syrian Golan.
In a news report published on Friday, the Lebanese newspaper “al-Akhbar” said the Israeli War Ministry has allocated amounts of its budget to treat its terrorist agents fighting the Syrian army in a field hospital it has set up in the Golan to that effect since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.
Israel’s TV Channel 10 broadcast yesterday night “exclusive’ footage of the hospital after the Israeli occupation army allowed taking photos from “highly sensitive” places where the hospital exists, al-Akhbar said in its report.
The Israeli channel reported that the terrorist organizations know well how to reach the place where they move their injured members according to a specific mechanism, which quite clearly prove the growing prior coordination between those organizations and the Israeli enemy.
Israeli medical treatment to terrorists has also been provided at Israeli hospitals inside the occupied Palestinian territories, including hospitals that treat high ranking Israeli officers.
Recently, there have been almost daily reports of injured terrorists being transported to those hospitals, with the number of those amounting to tens of hundreds, most of them being taken care of in Poriya hospital in Tiberias and Nahariya hospital in Galilee.
The latest of such reports came out earlier today by the Israeli “Walla” website, saying that another terrorist with leg wounds was admitted to Poriya hospital last night.
Other Israeli reports stated that an estimated USD 14 million have been spent by the Israeli authorities to treat terrorists injured in Syria since the outbreak of the terrorist war waged against in 2011.
Various intelligence and other reports have come to confirm those published by the media, including reports by the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) monitoring the 1974 accord between Syria and the Israeli enemy.
Even the UN force itself has not been spared by the terrorist organizations operating in the disengagement zone, which are receiving direct Israeli support. UN personnel came under repeated attacks by terrorists, including from the Security Council-blacklisted Jabhat al-Nusra organization, which involved clashes as well as abduction in several cases.
Israel’s support to the internationally-created terrorist organizations has taken various aspects, not least the Israeli warplanes launching attacks against sites inside the Syrian territory, all in flagrant violation of the counterterrorism resolutions issued by the UN and Security Council in particular.

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