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’Israeli’ Globes: Al-Assad winning War, Ridiculed Leaders who Scorned Him

assad2Under the title, “President Al-Assad Winning Syrian Civil War”, the “Israeli” Globes daily stated that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s biggest victory is persuading the West that any replacement would be worse.
According to the daily, “Without the advice of its field commanders, the “Free Syria Army’s” military council decided to oust its commander, General Selim Idris.
“This internal coup was fast, efficient, and without violence. The number one rebel did not even have a moment to consider protesting, and he was immediately replaced,” it added.
The “Israeli” analysis further viewed that “with General Idris’s ouster, Syria’s Baath regime chalked up another major success in a string of victories over its enemies.”
” Idris…went home feeling like a failure,” it mentioned, and pointed out that “although the West pinned its hopes on the Free Syria Army, in the past year its men have suffered a string of defeats.”
In this context, the “Israeli” sources stated: “Almost all the positions captured from the Syrian Army have been retaken by Al-Assad’s troops and their Hizbullah ally.”
“Idris’s men also unexpectedly found themselves fighting on a second front: against the regime on one side and against the Salafists on the other,” the daily confirmed.
Based on the information, the daily highlighted that “Idris was forced to flee for his life. He escaped to Dubai, and has not returned. When the Americans learned that the arms they supplied to the opposition fell into extremist hands, they decided to suspend their aid. The exiled general has recently become officially unemployed. His successor is Brigadier General Abdel al-Ilah al-Bachir, the Free Syria Army commander in the Kuneitra area on the Golan Heights.”
It also recalled: “In the past two years, General Idris was the top address for the countries seeking to topple the Syrian regime. Some even gambled that he had the power to succeed al-Assad after his fall. This coalition included France, the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. Idris clocked hundreds of hours of personal conversations in Istanbul, Paris, and London with top military and intelligence offices of these countries. They coordinated with him arms transfers to the rebels and battlefield movements.”
The daily also said: “March will mark the third anniversary of the war in Syria. Since the “rebellion” against al-Assad broke out, his position has never been better, relatively speaking of course.”
“Although swathes of his country have been taken from him, the threat to the survival of his regime has abated following a series of victories in the battle for al Qusair on the Lebanese border, in which Hizbullah defeated the rebels; the agreement to dismantle Syria’s chemical weapons, which gave al-Assad’s regime a year’s grace and prevented an American attack; victories by the Syrian Army over the Free Syria Army on the battlefield; and now, Idris’s ouster.”
But , according to the “Israeli” view, al-Assad’s biggest victory is his success in persuading the West, after it closed its ears to him for a long time, that any replacement would be worse than him.
“Officials in Paris, London, Berlin, and Washington have suddenly realized the trouble they got into when they decided to support the “rebellion”. The ranks of the “rebels” include volunteers from the West…. When they complete their sacred mission in Syria, they will return home with “jihadist” ideas and a defiant look in their eyes. It is estimated that there thousands of these men.”
The Globes also affirmed that, “Over the past three years, Bashar al-Assad has more than once ridiculed the leaders who showed contempt for him. They include ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, who called for al-Assad’s removal, but is now himself in prison; former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who sought for al-Assad the same fate he bequeathed Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, but lost his reelection bid to Francois Hollande; and Idris, who fought to topple him and fell.”
“In “Israel”, too, the time has come for some soul-searching. The short-term memories of the reservist officers and top politicians who amateurishly called for the toppling of the Damascus regime forgot to think about the consequences on the northern border,” it concluded.

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