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ISIL Suffers Heavy Losses Besieging ‘Ayyash in Deir Ezzor

ISIL has repeatedly attempted to break-through the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) frontline defenses at the village of ‘Ayyash and Radio Hill; however, each one of their attacks has been met with fierce resistance and eventually repelled, resulting in the death of a number of ISIL militants and the seizure of their heavy armory.

Earlier today, an ISIL contingent attacked an SAA garrison belonging to the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard (Al-Harss Al-Jamhouri) at Radio Hill that failed to produce any gains for the militants from the former. The 104th Airborne Brigade destroyed 3 ISIS vehicles mounted with 23mm anti-aircraft machine guns and they seized a BMP (infantry vehicle) that originated from Iraq. The failed attack by ISIS resulted in the death of a number of their fighters, including a Saudi national named “Abu ‘Utayba Al-Jazrawi.”

At ‘Ayyash, ISIL militants attempted – once again – to infiltrate the SAA’s impregnable fortifications near the main road leading to this village; this attack was repelled after almost 6 hours of violent firefights that proved costly for the ISIS contingent bombarding this area. According to a military source, 23 ISIS militants were reportedly killed on Sunday at the village of ‘Ayyash and another 21 were severely wounded.

During the preliminary attack on the SAA’s positions at ‘Ayyash, a small ISIL contingent attempted to breach an SAA checkpoint at the west hill leading to the village. The ISIS contingent was confronted by the SAA’s 137th Brigade of the 17th Division and repelled after an intense firefight broke-out between the 2 groups.

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