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ISIL Attacks Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields Again; SAA Continues Operations at Sakr Island

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On Friday morning, a terrorist from ISIL carried out a suicide bombing operation at the defensive barricades of Well 105 inside of the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields. The suicide bomber was successful in destroying part of the barricade, allowing for ISIS fighters to infiltrate into the area of Well 105. 7 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers from the 18th Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division were killed during the clashes; meanwhile, ISIS suffered 29 casualties, including a Pakistani fighter named “Abu Mounir Al- Muslimiyyeh”.

A source from the Syrian Arab Army in the Homs Governorate stated that the SAA is in full-control of the Al-Sha’ar Gas Fields, despite firefights reported north of Well 105. He also added that the SAA has fortified Wells 103, 104,107, 110, and 111 with a multitude of National Defense Forces (NDF) soldiers and heavy weaponry.

In the Deir Ezzor Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard carried out numerous operations on Sakr Island; this included the continued attack at Central Park. Central Park is one of ISIS’ last strongholds on Sakr Island – if ISIS loses this area; it will likely result in their withdrawal or capture. Per a source in the 104th Brigade, over 30 ISIS fighters have been killed since Wednesday on Sakr Island – most have not been identified:

Identified ISIS fighters killed at Sakr Island:

1. ‘Iyad ‘Ali Al-Mahabaash
2. ‘Aamar Mohammad Al-Khodor
3. ‘Adham Mohammad ‘Aadal (Egyptian)
4. Fadi Al-Ghareeb
5. Majid Al-Milhem
6. Abu Haarath Al-Jabeeni (Saudi)


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