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International Al-Quds Day: realization of two important objectives in Muslim world



One of the most important measures immediately taken by the founder of Islamic Republic, late Imam Khomeini (RA), was to announce the last Friday in the Month of Ramadan as International Al-Quds Day and indeed this announcement has been beyond a symbolic move, showing the path which should be taken by the Islamic nation.

Islamic Revolution in Iran, has been a peaceful uprising and a revolution of flowers versus bullets; hence, in fact late Imam Khomeini (RA) had two birds with one stone in announcing the International al-Quds Day: first, calling for necessity of lifting siege from Palestine which is the most important issue and number one priority of the Islamic nation. The issue should be set at the focal point of the diplomacy for the Islamic states as well as the hub of attention for political and social movements of the Islamic nation.

In fact the announcement of al Quds Day was an announcement of the target and this focal point as a necessary priority which should have been attended more. Then the second aspect to the measure was that the call by Imam Khomeini (RA) for the direct participation of the Islamic nations stressed the method of confrontation with occupation and freedom of Palestine.

This was in fact a repetition of the model of Islamic Revolution in the form of Al-Quds Day whose foundation was with massibe participation of the people and a popular revolution. An option which set the call of the Islamic nation to play a role in the arena on the issue of Palestine and Al Quds top on its agenda, in fact set the Islamic Revolution approach in the spotlight. This has been appended with ups and downs, sometimes admitted or unwelcome though the essence of this idea has been on many moves around Iran. Formation of resistance movements in Palestine, popular Palestinian intifadha which we have witnessed in the past decades, formation of Islamic resistance in Lebanon and moves in other areas have all been based on this leadership and guidance by Imam Khomeini (RA).

Al Quds Day shows the way. Liberation of Palestine and realization of basic rights of Palestinian nation for determining their fate and lifting of the siege should come to a result. That can happen through the massive participation of the people in a huge congregation.

An instant of viewpoint by late Imam Khomeini (RA) is Al-Quds Day which involves the whole world of Islam and more important is appearance of the resistance movements including popular resistance movements and popular intifadha in Palestine. Many achievements by Palestinian and regional people during past decades, contrary to all limitations, was on this viewpoint and the approach for involvement of the people in Palestine confrontations and neighboring countries and we hope that it realizes two objectives besides maintaining the symbol for al-Quds Day: first number one priority of the Muslim world which is liberation of the Palestinian nation and second: showing the path for freedom of Palestine as well as the way for fulfillment of the rights of regional nations, a method witnessed in the Islamic Revolution in Iran and also resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon.

We hope that both objectives are realized in continuation of massive Al Quds Day rallies and spread the important idea which was formed in the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. It is because resistance movement forced Israeli forces for unconditional withdrawal from some areas in southern Lebanon. This is while Zionist regime has never withdrawn from any region without conditions during past decades of Islamic-Arab discussions. It withdrew from Sinai with Camp David Accord and has kept Egyptian government committed to that. It has also imposed choking limitations on the Palestinian side within Oslo agreement while late Yasser Arafat was poisoned and killed when he entered the path for agreement and had spent his life and the contemporary Palestinian revolution.

Though the two points that Israel drew back without any condition, one southern Lebanon and the other Gaza Strip with the Islamic Revolution of Iran as the example and the approach by Imam Khomeini (RA) and popular movements, leading to the first unconditional victories for the Islamic nation in the history of Arab-Israeli talks. It has been in this line that a unique victory like that of Israel withdrawal from southern Lebanon and victory of Palestine happened in 2000.

We hope that the trend for following the school of Imam Khomeini (RA), one example being announcement of Al-Quds Day, will continue and we witness realization of basic and inalienable rights of the Palestinian nation in determining their fate and lifting the siege from al-Quds as well as Islamic sites.

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