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Information Minister: Syria’s victory over terrorism marks a triumph for all free world powers

20140309-174924Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi underlined the deep relations between Syria and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that have grown over years, calling for developing them in all fields.

During his meeting Sunday with the ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Damascus, Choe Su Hon, al-Zoubi said Syria will be victorious over the conspiracy; a victory, he said, “will be one for all free powers in the world.”

The steadfastness of Syria in the face of the conspiracy calls to mind the struggle of the Korean people for the liberation of their country, he added.

The ambassador expressed confidence that the Syrian people will achieve victory thanks to the achievements of the Syrian army.

He said that the growth of bilateral relations between Syria and Democratic Korea is a crowning of the efforts exerted by the leaderships in both countries, lauding the successes of the Syrian foreign policy on the international level.

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